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Americans Have Long Seen NATO as Good for U.S.
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Americans Have Long Seen NATO as Good for U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As President Donald Trump and other leaders of NATO countries gather in the United Kingdom to celebrate the organization's 70th anniversary, two Gallup analyses detail Americans' current and historical views of U.S. participation in the military alliance.

  • In March of this year, Gallup reported on Americans' latest views of NATO, finding broad support for maintaining the alliance among Republicans and Democrats. In fact, more Americans believed NATO should be maintained than said the United Nations plays a necessary role in the world today.

  • In April 1948, a year before the NATO pact was signed, Gallup found two-thirds of Americans agreeing with the general principle of the U.S. participating in a "permanent military alliance" with the Western European countries that participated in the Marshall Plan.

The Gallup World Poll sheds an international light on NATO:

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Lydia Saad is the Director of U.S. Social Research at Gallup.

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